Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Hall today

We thought it'd be nice to introduce everyone to Scout Hall as it looks now, before we undertake any renovation works - which, to be fair, won't be happening too soon as we need to go through various planning stages etc. Here are a few images we took on our first visit to the property.

The 'kitchen' - one third of the building has its floors in situ and the skeleton of what was a home remains. 

A 1st floor 'bedroom' - this is to the rear of the building, another with its floor fully in tact is at the front.


Traces of the Hall's inhabitants - spiders and flies.

A view from the cellar of an external door, all but suspended in mid-air.

Ground floor to the rafters - a pretty spectacular view.

Another view of the rafters - to the right is one of the original chimney breasts, which can be seen in the photo below.

We will pop some more photos of the Hall's more interesting features, both internally and externally over the next few weeks & months. In the meantime, we are planning to build some temporary accommodation so we can live on site during the renovation. During which time we are looking forward to reclaiming the garden back from the brambles and nettles!!


  1. Hi there

    Firstly, it was with a mixture of envy, excitement and sheer admiration that I discovered your blog and that someone has taken on this breathtaking restoration challenge. Congratulations and bravo!!

    We came across Scout Hall in August when Scout Hall Farm came on the market and I was Google-earthing around to explore its environs - I found that Scout Hall had been up for auction and excitedly told my husband about the Calendar house.

    We recently moved to Harrogate for his job at Morrison's in Bradford and are looking to buy around here - our ideas of a 'project' are a little different - mine is of somewhere one could build an opera house/art gallery- his is of changing the wallpaper/having somewhere for chickens.

    Any way, that's far too much information - I just want to say we both look forward to seeing how your beautifully ambitious adventure develops (have you moved into the Scout Hut in the garden?!) and wish you the very best of luck and joy throughout

    Thank you for sharing the journey

    Fi & Paul

    1. Thank you Fi & Paul, it is lovely to hear from people interested in our little escapade.
      Right now, changing some wallpaper and keeping chickens sounds like an excellant plan to me ... but I imagine this will change, back & forth between your two options, a lot over the following months and years.


Feel free to add your comments about the renovation and the history of Scout Hall, we look forward to reading them.