Monday, 12 November 2012

Autumn at Scout Hall

We don't really have a lot to report since our last post a few months back, but we have been taking some photos so thought we'd share some shots of the Hall and garden.

It's been an autumn of fog, rain, and clear blue skies and we've been fortunate to get some shots of the Hall and valley in each of these moods. Here are a few of our favourites


  1. Nice pictures, thank you for uploading.

  2. Good to see something finally happening with the Hall, how are things coming along?

  3. A very brave restoration. Much more ambitious than my own efforts at my parents old house over at Brow Lane.
    Nice to know that someone is finally doing something with Scout Hall, so the very best of luck to you. Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. Thank you all. Not too much is happening, as seems to be the case with these things, but we hope to commence some reparation work on the rook and masonry soon.

    We will try keep the blog up to date with the renovations, once they start!


Feel free to add your comments about the renovation and the history of Scout Hall, we look forward to reading them.