Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Oooppppsss - I've been a bit quiet

I will pop back with a proper update in the near future - we're working our way through the planning processes but hope to have some news soon.

In the meantime, here's a picture of the Hall & pond since the snow left.


  1. Lovely meeting you today, it's made my mother-in-law's day having a little wander - and the video has turned out so well! Let me know if you want a copy, my email is frances at musicaliti dot co dot uk.

  2. Lovely to see someone is renovating the house! What will be eventually - conversion to flats or a single house?

  3. You found us, I'm so pleased!

    I'm glad she got to look around the place and I hope her sister gets to take a look at the video. Do stay in touch, it was lovely to meet you all.

  4. Nice to see a picture of the back of the house. Only been at the front a couple of times - once for a job interview with a certain My Chew - does he still live down there? And once as a kid when I got chased off by a particularly evil farmer!

    It was great to see pictures of the inside a while back - I assume that your hobbies include indoor hang-gliding!

    Look forward to progress being made.



  5. We are intending to make it a family home - it was due to be converted into flats by the previous owner.

  6. This is such a wonderful project to turn it back to a family home after so many years of neglect and decay and almost worthy of a TV programme like country house rescue or grand designs!


Feel free to add your comments about the renovation and the history of Scout Hall, we look forward to reading them.