Friday, 14 June 2013

Battling the flora

The garden, as we are discovering, has had very little done to it over the years, decades ... Brambles are rife and established, to say the least. Nettles too, in fact these guys have such complex root systems it is crazy trying to dig them up. There's also all manner of debris, mostly building material, but other random rubbish such as parts of children's outdoor climbing frames, cluttered the garden. The first chunk has gone, and another pile awaits removal ... while more needs to be uncovered from its cocoon of Brambles and Ragwort.

So we are strimming away on evenings and weekends in a bid to tame just a portion of the garden. One part, we are leaving untouched (for now). Our long term goal will be to introduce some English wildflowers and create a small meadow or wild garden.

In another part we hope to plant some fruit trees. One day ... in the future ... when the brambles are at least contained, if not conquered.

So far we've identified, Rowan, a mighty old Beech, Hawthorn, some young Elder and even a young Oak (I say young, it is probably as old as I!) Some Ash and Sycamore have also been noted.

We have planted a Willow tunnel and with the surplus created a Willow den. Alas, we were woefully late getting them in the ground and it looks like most of the willow is dying off (cursing the snow and the fact that we just weren't prompt enough to get it in last year - lesson learnt).

And, lastly, there seems to be some wood sprites in these parts - either that or the Hall's ghost is playing tricks and inhibiting the trees.

Oh, and before I forget, our resident Moorhens have 3 offspring. They are about a month old now and entertaining us daily with their antics.


  1. Sounds interesting, keep the updates coming!

  2. Look on which has old photos of the Hall

  3. Any updates? How is the project coming along?

  4. I am so excited to find this blog as I love love love the hall! I live in Northowram so see its imposing structure from all over the valley. It is such a mysterious and romantic building I am over the moon that it will be a family home. I have noticed that no updates have been posted for a while so I hope that all is going well. Good luck with your massive adventure!


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